Does a Personal Injury Law Firm Need SEO?

Yes! If you have the desire to get more cases from your website email us at as we have monthly SEO and content marketing packages that can help you rank higher in Google search.

Search engine optimization is comprised of three important layers – content, citations/links and on site optimization. To perform best in Google search a website needs to excel in all three of these categories. If a personal injury law website has great content and a strong link portfolio yet has a very clunky and undefined backend it will not perform well in search. If the coding and backend is beautiful built yet there is little to no content there will be few search visitors. If your law firm strives to beat out the competition in your city and state you will have quality content, a clean link portfolio and a very well coded website.

If you have any concerns that your website is lacking in any of these areas reach out to us at for a full audit of your website. Our CEO, Jesse Wojdylo, will personally look deep into your website to determine the potential of outranking the competition within the next year. Having worked with personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles, Portland, St. Louis, Houston, Atlanta, Oklahoma City and Miami we are confident we can help your law firm rank at the top of Google search.


The Importance of Ranking #1 in Google Search

In late 2015 Wojdylo Media performed a case study in which two different websites ranked on the front page of Google search for the exact same keyword phrase. Website #1 that ranked in the first spot received approximately 30,000 hits while website #2 that ranked in the second spot received approximately 8,000 hits. This means that the #1 spot in Google search received over 3 times more search visitors than the #2 spot. Note that this study was for a heavily searched keyword phrase but it illustrates the value of ranking ahead of your competitors.

If you have struggled to crack the front page of Google search or you have been #2 or #3 for your money keyword phrase for several months or years it is time to take action and get three times as many cases as your competitor. Reach out to us today at and we will start the process of building the authority of your personal injury law firm website. By laying the proper foundation you will land more cases for many years to come. Even if you bring on new partners or pass on your practice to a son or daughter they will not have to worry about creating leads to generate income.

What are Other Personal Injury Law Firm Websites Doing?

What are your competitors doing that you are not? While on the outside it may look as if your personal injury website is identical to the website that ranks #1 for “[your city] car accident lawyer”. Behind the curtain things may be completely different. Looking at a website on a browser you do not have access to their link portfolio, on page optimization or a grasp of the depth of the website. There are a few tricks that can be used to better analyze the site but unless you have access to their cpanel you will never truly know what has gone on behind the scenes.

Instead of trying to copy everything your competitors are doing it is best to hire someone that has ranked websites in the most competitive niches on the Internet. Having ranked personal injury lawyers in competitive areas such as Beverly Hill, Los Angeles, Miami and St. Louis we are confident we can help you jump your competition to rank #1 in Google search.

Some things other personal injury lawyers may be doing that help them rank is offsite outreach, brand mentions from reputable publications, multi part blog series’ and participation in local events. With the assistance of Wojdylo Media you can do all of these as well. If your firm takes the correct steps starting today you will rank on the front page of Google search in the future.

How Much Does Personal Injury SEO Cost?

For a quote for monthly SEO on your personal injury website contact us at We will create a custom package that can help you rank higher in Google search.

Proper search engine optimization is not easy to find. In fact, the majority of our clients have come to us after “trying” other SEO firms and agencies only to find they did not get any return on their investment. For this reason it is advisable to pay a premium for quality. At Wojdylo Media we offer a monthly package that includes completely unique content in the form of blog posts and articles that are written by former lawyers and journalists that have been educated on how to write call to action legal content for the Internet.

We also offer a personal touch that many firms do not. At any point, you have the ability to speak with our CEO, Jesse Wojdylo. He will make himself available for any questions or comments you have regarding the success of your website. While he is extremely busy he makes time for the clients of Wojdylo Media.

We also have an outreach strategy that is very unique to SEO. Unlike other SEO firms and agencies we do not simply put your website in a number of web directories that are never accessed. Honestly, how many times have you used a web directory that is not Google over the last five years? Why would posting to 100 unused directories improve the ranking of a website? Google’s algorithms are smart enough to recognize the value of a link therefore we only strive for the highest quality natural links pointing to your personal injury website.

My Website Has Been Penalized, What Do I Do?

Over the last five years a large number of legal websites have been penalized by Google Panda or Penguin. Over optimization and poor content are very common in the legal industry. This is unfortunate because almost all law firms in the United States are full of brilliant men and women that have passed their state bar exam. Instead of trying to cut corners and rank immediately we suggest building a very strong foundation with unique content and proper optimization.

If you have a personal injury website that has been hit with a Google Panda or Penguin penalty reach out to us today at and we will discuss the options available. Remember that not all Google penalties are the same. There are algorithmic penalties and manual penalties. To determine how to progress with your current website we will need to dig deeper into what caused the penalty and put an action plan in place to remove the penalty. Once the penalty has been removed there is once again the potential to rank #1 in Google search.

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